GNU Full Form in English: Definition and Meaning of GNU

GNU Full Form

GNU Full Form: Here we will learn about GNU full form and its meaning. In this article we will talk about what is the full form of GNU in all different categories such as: Agriculture, Biology, Computing & Software, Open Source, Education, Economics, Fashion, Geography, Gardening, Games, Healthcare, Military, Mathematics, Media, Music, Politics, Science, Technology and much more.

GNU Full Form

The full form of GNU in Computing & Software, Open Source is – Gnu”s Not Unix.

GNU Full Form Overview

Here the full form of “GNU” in various categories is given in the table below. Please note that all GNU definitions are listed here in order of popularity. Please check what you are looking for.

Full Form of GNU Overview
CategoryFull Form of GNU
AgricultureGroundnut Non-Ureide
BiologyGenetic Naming Unit
Computing & Software, Open SourceGNU’s Not Unix
Computing & SoftwareGot No Use
EducationGlobal Nexus for Unlearning
EducationGazipur National University
EducationGujarat National University
EducationGaborone North University
EducationGlobal Network University
EducationGrand National University
EducationGuinea National University
EconomicsGross National Utility
Environmental ScienceGroundwater Nitrogen Use
FashionGender-Neutral Uniform
GeographyGeospatial Naming Utility
GardeningGardeners’ Network of the Upstate
GamesGreat New Unix
HealthcareGeneral Nutrition Update
HealthcareGeneral Nutrition Unit
HealthcareGoa Nurses’ Union
HealthcareGeneral Nutrition Understanding
HealthcareGlobal Nurses United
InternetGmes Network of Users
MilitaryGovernment of National Unity
MathematicsGeneral Numeric Utility
MathematicsGeneral Non-linear Unconstrained
MediaGlobal News Update
MediaGulf News Update
MediaGoa News Update
MusicGreat Northern Union
PoliticsGovernment of National Unity (South Sudan)
PoliticsGrand National Union
ScienceGeophysics and Nuclear Physics
TechnologyGlobal Network Unit
TechnologyGlobal Navigation Upgrade
TechnologyGlobal Network Users
TechnologyGlobal Network of Users
TechnologyGraphical Network Utilities
TechnologyGrand Networking Unit
TechnologyGeneral Name Utility
Universities & InstitutionsGyeongsang National University

GNU Full Form FAQ

Q: What is the meaning of GNU?

A: GNU Full Form stands for “GNU’s Not Unix” in Computing & Software, Open Source.

Q: What is the meaning of GNU in Linux?

A: GNU’s Not Unix meaning in Linux.

Q: What is GNU Emacs?

A: GNU Emacs is a free software text editor. And it was created in 1984 by Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU Project.


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